Florida law defines defamation as a knowingly false statement made for the purpose of damaging the victim's reputation or character


This page exist to address Jonathan Garrett's posting of lies against partners of Paint Pros International.

Garrett's social media posts include:

  • Theft of
  • Not recieving financial reports of Paint Pros International
  • Blocked access to online store without cause
  • Ownership of Diamond Clear formula and associated products


Addressing Jon Garrett's statements of speaking to past employees of the DC manufacturer and how this relates to Law:

Confidential information in the form of specific 'trade secrets'

The general duty of good faith owed by an employee to their employer also applies to this type of confidential information. Such confidential information (e.g. a secret process of manufacture, such as specific chemical formulae, or designs or special methods of construction) may not be used by the employee, whilst they remain secret, for anything other than the benefit of the employer – and this obligation extends beyond the course of their employment. An employee must not disclose or otherwise misuse such confidential information even after cessation or termination of employment.