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What is the coating and what does it do?

It is a clear coat filler that covers up damage in the clear coat layer over the paint. It is an effective, fast, and easy solution relative to other options. It increases productivity while having a low cost per vehicle. 

What are the key ingredients?

While the proprietary formula is a closely guarded secret, we can disclose that it contains crosslinking resins that are the backbone of the coating. It also contains the same UV inhibitors that are present in modern OEM clear coats.

Who are the competitors (are there any?)

To date, there are no products on the market that can match the speed, ability, cost, and ease of use. Our coating is patent pending.

How long does it last?

Paint: 1-2 years, Plastic: 3-5 years, Headlights: 2-3 years 

Clear Coat Application:

Do I need training?


It is a professional use product with recommended training. Some may choose to apply without training and thus results may vary. Training allows a technician to successfully produce exceptional results on every application despite varying conditions.

Where can I get trained on the product?

Training not available at this time

Detailed instructions sheets provided with orders.

What colors are good to work on?

It may be applied to any color; however, we suggest not applying it to white vehicles until technicians are very comfortable with the product. Imperfections of the application are most easily noticed on white vehicles. 

How to care for the car after application?

After application just wait 4-6 hours to dry. Mistakes may always be removed by lacquer, paint thinner, and medium reducer. Normal car washing can be done after 48 hours.

How do I know if I need to reapply?

We suggest putting at least two coats on each job to ensure that it lasts the longest. Deep scratches may require multiple coats to fill as well.

How long should I wait to smooth it out?

There is no exact time frame but it should not exceed 15/20 mins per panel!!!!!

What is the procedure for smoothing out?


Smoothing involves gently wiping over with a clean microfiber.  

How do we know if it will fix the scratches?

Apply water, medium reducer, or another mild solvent. If the damage temporarily disappears then DC will work well.

What is Medium Reducer?

It's a Medium Urethane Reducer made for automotive paint. Can be found on Amazon as a Universal Urethane Medium Reducer.

Can you coat in the Hot weather?

Yes just break your process down to a panel-by-panel basis!

How can I fix a deeper clear coat scratch?

Taking the edge off by wet sanding and polishing before applying

Why am I not getting the same results as the videos?

We can almost guarantee it boils down to not cleaning out the scratches enough and, or you are pulling the out of the scratches during smooth out.
1. Cleaning not only helps bond but also removes residues that keep from enhancing the pigments. Medium reducer or Lacquer thinner on a clean microfiber will work best.
Lightly smooth over and when approaching the problem area. Very lightly let the weight of the microfiber work itself over the scratches allowing the coating to stay in the scratches. Too much pressure may remove from the scratches. 

Can you coat in the Hot weather?

Yes, just break your process down to a panel-by-panel basis!

Plastic Trim Application: 

How do I apply to trim, texture bumpers and mirror housings?

Clean well and just wipe on. If a satin finish is desire, allow to cure for several minutes and wipe over with a flat, damp, lint free cloth.

Headlight Lens Application: 

How do I apply to headlight and other lenses?

Wet sand with 1000 grit sandpaper to remove corrosion. Next smooth out with 2000 grit and polish with a medium compound. Finally clean and apply. Note: if corrosion is persistent stronger grit sandpaper could be used to start with.


Who do I talk to when going to a dealership?

You want to talk to the guy who makes the final decision! Used Car manager, General Sales Manager, or General Manager.

What do I tell the dealership?

There is no set sales pitch, no specific way. You're not selling the product you're selling yourself and your services. You have to understand that and having confidence in the product is key to 40/50% of the sale.