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2oz Restorative Coating

2oz Restorative Coating

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Our revolutionary formula bonds to and repairs damage in clear coat, plastics and more. Application ease and speed along with superior results equal increased profits.

Dealership charges:
Paint Restoration - Clear coat scratches, depth and gloss, $150 per car
Average day in paint restoration for one technician, 8-12 cars = $1200 - $1800

Additional Repairs per car:
Restore Plastics - $75 - $150
Restore Headlights - $50 - $75

Additional suggested product: Easy Level
Applications are even easier using a small sprits of Easy Level to smooth out.

Professional Use Only
Training Recommended 

Diamond Clear is a professional use product with recommended training, although some may choose to apply without training and thus results may vary.

1 - 2oz Coating
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