The liquidation sale is a result of majority interest decision by majority owning partners of Paint Pros International LLC. The vote by minority partner, Jonathan Garrett to withhold remaining product from dependent businesses has been counted, as just that, a minority vote and irrelevant. All proceeds will be distributed according to legal contracts existing. 


This offer is extended to businesses that rely on the product formerly sold here. The products are the same. The label may differ. Please note that all sales are final, and by making a purchase, you acknowledge and accept our no refund policy.


As a result of the defamatory statements made by Mr. Jon Garrett on the internet / social media regarding the proprietors of the manufacturing company, they have resolved to terminate their association with Mr. Garrett and "Brand" in perpetuity.

The Manufacturer is renowned for its exceptional and unparalleled formulas and applications. It has garnered recognition and admiration in the automotive reconditioning industry for more than 28 years, owing to its remarkable business practices, ethical standards, and unwavering commitment to its clientele.

A formal announcement shall ensue, accompanied by documentation and hyperlinks pertaining to all misrepresentations and declarations made.

The announcement board will be updated soon by the majority owners. (11/17/2023)


QUESTION: Why were products shown with the brand whited out?

ANSWER: Jon Garrett illegally demanded branding be removed to cause the brand to fail. Until we spoke with our legal team, we appeased him. He demonstrated zero loyalty to the brand, customer, partners or Paint Pros International llc.

QUESTION: My business relies on these products, why did it take so long to be available?

ANSWER:, The majority partners emailed an offer for free products to help such businesses. Acting as partners we rightly informed Jon about our offer on this site, he refused the offer and did not agree to have the company or the customers best interest first. His refusal didn't stop us the majority owners to commit to doing the right thing by our customers... After legal counsel they are now available!

QUESTION: What’s the deal with these other coatings you just clean, wipe on and leave? 

ANSWER: Application of a continuous coating over a unsanded glossy panel has a high probability of peeling or flaking in the future.

You will notice other products new to the market have not been time tested for longevity or accuracy of application by professional technicians.